A lot of my life happens in rhythms.

When I am planning my year, first I plan my holidays—and only then plan my work around it. It’s always the same rhythm (3 weeks work, 1 week holiday (alone), 7 weeks work, 2 weeks holiday (with Michal), and so on).

For my local community project with my friends, we have a sharing circle which happens every second week, where we share about a specific topic and use as a space for announcements (like activities individuals organize), connection and discussion.

When it comes to talking to my friends and family, with most of them (especially if it happens in groups) I have regular calls at predetermined intervals: some are every week, some every two weeks, some every month. This way, no need to keep scheduling and rescheduling.

Every Monday is my planning day, every Sunday is my rest day. I organize and participate in personal development pods who gather weekly or bi-weekly for brainstorming, accountability, and relational thinking.

I love rhythms. They release a lot of decision power, and they keep things fresh. I love learning in rhythms, because it brings the materials alive again and again, especially when doing it with other people.

Right now I’m working on building some new rhythms and planning how they could be a part of my life in the new year. Let’s see!