The Onion Journals: One human's journey towards authenticity.

Hey fellow human,

I’m Silvia, and this is my new online public journal.

Why “Onion Journals”?

I just love the onion metaphor to represent my current intentions for my inner work, for developing my thinking skills, for building my character, for awakening my mind, and for better understanding my psyche.

Here’s what I do with an onion:

First, I peel it.

By removing one layer at a time, I aim to explore deeper and deeper. Some bits will be sweet, other smelly, other rotten and other deliciously aromatic. I welcome all. As any good onion, I expect its peeling to occasionally make me cry. Each layer removed is a new facet of me exposed to clarity. What will be left of the onion once I get to its core? Probably nothing (hopefully nothing). But the goal is the process anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

Then, I cook it.

Ah, the cooking. In order to make sense of what I find, I need to turn it into something edible. I need to think. I need to write. Sometimes I’ll follow recipes I know, sometimes I’ll improvise. I expect to create all sorts of onion delicacies, from raw and spicy concoctions to hearty soups and greasy caramelized delights. What matters is that I keep doing it, mastering the tool, keeping the knife sharp.

Finally, I serve it.

I could eat the onion all by myself, but I feel intuitively that I want to share it with you. I think it’s because I believe in working out loud, or maybe because I like the added accountability. Maybe it’s because I just want to be seen. Or maybe I’m just looking for community, for belonging, and I hope my nakedness will draw you to me. In any case, voilà—here I am. 

In other words, I want to think better, broaden my perception, and learn how to be more authentic.

So my commitment is to be posting here every day. I’m not yet sure what this will become: the name might change, the contents might change, I might change. My only intentions are:

  • Post every day, and

  • Be authentic.

Hopefully, the onion will peel itself in the process.

Why I’m doing this

This section’s main purpose is for me to read it whenever I need motivation.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

Because writing is a crucial skill in my life, and I want to get better at it.

Not only does writing pay most of my bills, but it’s also the creative output that fulfills me the most. It’s my main way to communicate and build community online. I want to get better at it, faster, and more prolific.

Because it’s time to awaken my mind.

It’s easy for me to go for days without really thinking deeply, and then my mind gets numb and it’s harder to shake myself out of that state. I’ve been feeling a strong desire to change this. It’s time for me to raise my clarity threshold and improve my thinking skills. I want to use the Onion Journals as a mental gym to make my awareness and my thinking stronger.

That’s it for now. As I said, this all might change. I hope you’ll find something useful here.